Magnetic Mink Lashes – Cardi


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Mink lashes magnetic lashes

When you want your lashes to stand out, there’s only one way to do it: with bold, voluminous lashes and magnetic mink lashes that are so big and bold, it’s meant to be seen.

Magnetic eyeliner is the ultimate tool for creating glorious lashes. It’s crafted with long, dense, and voluminous lash layers so that when you apply your eyeliner, the magnets will automatically attach your lashes into place. The result? They’re ready for your close-up on the red carpet or in front of the camera at any time.

Mink lashes magnetic lashes’s luxurious mink fur band gives you a soft touch while being durable enough to last through 30 uses—and beyond!

18mm long mink lashes magnetic lashes

We’ve also made this mink lashes cruelty-free by using mink fur instead of animal hair, so you can feel good about rocking your new look whenever and wherever you want.

Magnetic eyeliner sold separately.


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