We make high-quality, handcrafted mink lashes for years having the same passion & values!

Margie started VVLIFESTORE.COM with a vision of providing stylish mink lashes to all those who are eager to have a pair of charming eyes

Constantly creating new collections.


We are committed to developing products that deliver high-quality formulas at an affordable price, so you can look your best no matter your budget or lifestyle. We believe in all global beauties!

Precious Mink Fur



When you get mink lash extensions, you may be wondering if you're hurting an animal by doing so. Rest assured: the mink is not harmed in any way. The hair is simply obtained through brushing the minks' tails.



Our lashes are lightweight, hypo-allergenic, and cruelty-free—and they're good for up to 40 wears if you take care of them properly.

Multiple occasions

Wear this light up makeup on special occasions or everyday, whichever you prefer. It's great for date nights and parties, but also can be used to help you face the world better. The LED lights on this makeup will help to strengthen your natural beauty and light up your facial features, so you can shine wherever you go!

We work with expert mink lashes all around the world in order to create the most sophisticated pieces of lashes.

Founded in 2020, VVLIFESTORE.COM is devoted to inspiring the creative genius within makeup lovers and artists through our wallet-friendly, cruelty-free, and high-performing products. We believe that makeup should be an art form—and we’re here to help you bring your masterpieces to life!

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