3D Faux Lashes – Rome


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Lux high volumeĀ faux lashes

We are Lux high volume faux mink lashes are 18mm long for a lush and glamorous look. Their wispy design provides an ultra-sexy effect, making them the perfect choice a night out, or any special occasion. The voluminous 3D curl of these faux mink eyelashes, will make your eyes the center of attention.

18mm fluffy wispy faux lashes

These vegan cruelty-free faux lashes are handmade with premium synthetic fibers, which means they’re reusable up to 20 times. They come with a cotton band that is gentle on your skin, and can be worn multiple times without irritation or discomfort.

We recommend our False Lash adhesive for maximum faux mink lashes volume and longevity, but you can also use our glue if you have sensitive eyes or allergies to latex.

False eyelash adhesive sold separately


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