Colored mink lashes – Teigen


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Mink coloring lashes

3D mink lashes, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

You know how it is: You’re trying to get ready for your next big date and you’re running around like crazy trying to find the perfect outfit, the perfect shoes, and the perfect accessories.

And then there’s the makeup. You’ve got to match your eye shadow with your lipstick and nail polish with your earrings.

25mm 3D mink coloring lashes

These 25 mm 3D mink lashes are designed with the trendsetting and money-conscious babe in mind. These coloring lashes adds sexiness and playfulness to your eyes. Color lashes are the perfect choice to add captivating volume, and length to your lashes, without breaking the bank!

False eyelash adhesive sold separately


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